The company intervenes since 2001 in Algeria for performances, training and artistic actions. It has a solid network of partners and supporters there.

Training and outreach activities

The company participates in the training of professional dancers and in outreach activites towards various audiences through workshops, training activities and discussions. The company collaborates with the MAMA, the Théâtre National d’Alger, the Ecole des beaux-Arts d’Alger…


Temps dansé, highlight for contemporary dance

The Service de coopération et d'action culturelle from the Ambassade de France en Algérie and the Compagnie Nacera Belaza have decided to organize in 2013 a highlight dedicated to dance. Nacera Belaza is the artistic director of this event, first of its type in Algeria and called le Temps dansé.

In 2014, the Festival consisted in 10 days of performances in 5 cities: Algiers, Constantine, Annaba, Oran, Tlemcen, 4 international dance companies, 80 trainees dans workshops in Press, Photography and video.


Coedition of a work

Publication of the work Nacera Belaza, un corps entre deux rives. -Planned release : spring 2016

Coedition : Barzakh, Algeria / Actes Sud, France  - Collaboration : Nacera Belaza - Frédérique Villemur

Images of Algeria : photography exhibit

The exhibition "Entre deux rives" is born from the meeting of Nacera Belaza whose path is continuously inscribed in a back and forth movement between Algeria and France, and of two photographers : Antonin Pons Braley et Philippe Sébirot, whose sensitivities give an additional gaze to her choreographic work.

This exhibition traces different moments of dance, on stage or in the city, and reveals the strong link that holds together both shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Cooperation between Algeria and Morocco

In order to increase the professionalization of young artists, the company develops choreographic training in Morocco for Moroccan and Algerian dancers.

After the organization of Ateliers du monde in 2013 at the 'Institut français de Fès, the collaboration is now going on with the Espace Darja (Casablanca) where Nacera Belaza conducts trainings.