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For thirty years, Nacera Belaza’s artistic path has been nourished by fragile balances, by the tenuous, by the shifting border between light and shadow, by the body that appears and disappears, by the movement that is tirelessly repeated to dig furrows and open gaps in intimate perceptions. Nacera has invited film-makers to take a unique look at her work, which is at once resolutely non-spectacular and cinematographic, playing with light, image and perception. After Béatrice Vernhes (2016) and Vincent Moon on L’Envol (2022), Julien Oska Colardelle films L’Onde under the lights of the stained glass windows of the Basilique Saint-Denis.

He films the invisible, the dizzy, the sensations, and transforms the filmed field into an extension of the danced space where everything seems to be played out between the performer and the spectator. Travelling filmmaker Vincent Moon takes a cinematic look at the choreographic material in Nacera Belaza’s new creation, L’Envol (2022).

A film by Vincent Moon, inspired by the collaboration between choreographer Nacera Belaza and philosopher Etienne Klein. Public presentations on 4 and 5 November 2021 on the stage of the Salle Firmin Gémier at Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse.

Directed by Margaux Vendassi. The performances presented, the research workshop on traditional dances, the Procession in Bobigny. Project supported by the SACD as part of the DUO(s) Programme.


Nacera Belaza: “I am always looking for a form of the unknown”, interview by Raphael Bourgeois

New sensitivity to dance and space, collected by Bertrand Tappolet

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Meeting with choreographer Nacera Belaza during her residency at the Villa Albertine in the United States.

Podcast Ep.01 : Nacera Belaza.

Interview Nacera Belaza, February 2022

With Nacera Belaza in Brussels, July 2021

With Nacera Belaza, guest of Henri Guette, May 2021

Rediscovering theatre and ritual with Nacera Belaza and François Cervantès, led by Aurélie Charon, May 2021

With Nacera Belaza and Karim Kal, hosted by Aurélie Charon

Diving into a dance by Nacera Belaza, July 2018

Interview at CODA, Oslo International Festival

Nacera Belaza guest of Caroline Broué for the programme La Matinale

Nacera Belaza guest of Zoé Varié for the programme “D’ici et d’ailleurs”

by Muriel Maalouf

Danse émoi 2016, 7ALimoges

Press conference on 7 July 2012 with Nacera Belaza for Le Trait

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