Several plays are performed in the same evening.


Towards a notion of work

The notion of work is dear to the choreographer Nacera Belaza, who emphasises the organic and artistic continuity and coherence between the different creations of the Company since its creation.

This notion takes on its full meaning with the setting up of these “parcours”, which present several pieces of repertoire in the same place, during the same evening.

A journey for the audience

These tours encourage the spectator to become immersed in the choreographic universe of the Company, by allowing him to discover different facets of its work and thus to see the evolution of its artistic approach.

These programmes thus allow for a denser experience where the notion of a “journey” replaces that of a single performance. The audience’s journey through the works allows him to establish correspondences and resonances between the different pieces, as he would between different paintings.

For several years, different “parcours” have been offered: La Nuit & La Traversée, Le Temps scellé & Le Trait – solos… In this way, each piece acts in the viewer’s memory as an additional highlight. His eye is sharpened and nourished by the writing.

La Nuit, La Traversée followed by Sur le fil are a journey through this minimalist, sensual and spiritual dance, passing from solo, to duet and then to trio, exploring three times the same haunting letting go that thwarts existential solitude. The starting point is solitude, in fact, in La Nuit, as the primary and essential presence for “remaining porous to one’s environment and being able to welcome the world into oneself”. La Traversée opens up this quest for the imperceptible to four performers who are in love with each other, sketching out a new nouba carried by a memory of the rhythms and steps of ancient tradition. Sur le fil at last, suspended between the visible and the invisible, between transcendence and immanence, a lively, free and unsubmissive trio bringing performers and spectators to a place where “one accepts not to know any more”, carried by a fascinating soundtrack that evokes adolescence, dreams and Sufi prayer.

Eric Vautrin, playwright, Théâtre Vidy – Lausanne, November 2017

Parcours : La Nuit, La Traversée & Sur le fil
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