Le Feu


“Nacera Belaza lives dance as an evidence and a necessity. For her, dance is poetry and questioning. Stripped and fragile in shadow and light, her work expresses her inner beauty. Le Feu is a show that Nacera Belaza choreographed and performs with her sister Dalila. Le Feu, she says, is a solid and liquid project, a thunderbolt to express her own doubts.”

Aden / Le Monde

“Letting go. Let yourself be. These could be the words of the choreographer who throws Le Feu in our faces. In large waves, interspersed with musical afterglow and the applause of absent spectators. Or dancers temporarily out of the picture. Nacera and her sister Dalila sit on two chairs, braving the storm, at the front of the stage, freezing the absence with their unbearable gaze. […] A piece that ‘nails’ the spectator, returns him to his nothingness, to the presence of the Other, to listening to the silence. […] Le Feu is here.”

Danse Blitz

Artistic team

Choreography Nacera Belaza
Performers Dalila Belaza, Nacera Belaza
Lighting design
Lionel Mahé


Centre National de la Danse



Nacera Belaza Company


Le Centre National de la Danse, Pantin

Accueil studio

Ville de Paris