Périr pour de bon


“It is the ultimate conviction, a kind of emaciated desire, which stiffens the being with each of its assaults and precipitates it into a formless and dislocated space. But perhaps it is this space that suddenly projects itself onto the body, structures it, models it, sculpts it from within? The body is there, like a relic, attached to life by this filamentous link that suspends it a few centimetres from the ground, just enough for the vertigo to last, just enough for the hoarse and undulating voice of the embraced being to be heard. While the clash of complaints, syncopations, vibrations and infinite silence detonates, space expands, disperses and then recomposes itself around the body which, seized by the void, presses itself against the earth, as if to embrace life by sinking into it.”

Nacera Belaza

Artistic team

Choreography Nacera Belaza
Performers Dalila Belaza, Nacera Belaza
Lighting Daniel Pesch
Costumes Carole Cheneval


Manège de Reims

Périr pour de Bon © Alain Hatat-2


Nacera Belaza Company


CNAT – Scène nationale de Reims

Creation funded by

Ministère de la Culture – DRAC Champagne-Ardennes et la Ville de Reims

© Photo Alain Hatat