Sur le fil


“There is a spiritual climate, a kind of metaphysical night, a “work in the dark” which is not nothingness but the condition for something else to emerge in Sur le fil. And this other thing is absolutely beautiful.”

Agnès Izrine, June 2016

“What allows the writing to endure and exceed the stage experience lies, among other things, in the degree of risk-taking that each performer allows himself. His ability to constantly combine rigour, i.e. all the rules inherent in writing, with his own overcoming, until the mind and body give way and no longer represent a limit. This double exhortation gives rise to a paradoxical experience of infinite submission and abandonment. This is because overcoming becomes possible only when one has applied rigorously to the body and mind a series of rules which highlight one’s own habitual, known mode of functioning from which it is indispensable to escape. Once this mechanism has been identified, it becomes easier to find the ways in which one manages to escape from oneself, and it is precisely at this point that the essential challenge of a play lies, in my opinion.

Indeed, in order to succeed in making the experience of this transcendence resonate in the other, the performer must constantly be aware of this dramatic tension which gradually gives him the sensation of bringing him to the edge of himself and thus allows him to apprehend that which constantly escapes him and fulfils him. This careful and fragile balance to be maintained makes him extremely receptive, not only to what happens inside him but especially outside him. A new attention that reconnects and renews the lost links with what surrounds us, in favour of what is shown. Only then, balancing on this thread, for an indefinite time, do we accept that we no longer know.”

Nacera Belaza

Artistic team

Choreography, sound and light design Nacera Belaza
Interpretation Nacera Belaza, Dalila Belaza, Aurélie Berland
Stage management Christophe Renaud, Gwendal Malard


Montpellier Danse, 23 and 24 June 2016


Nacera Belaza Company


Montpellier Dance Festival
La Villette Paris – artist residencies 2015
Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours / Director Thomas Lebrun (accueil studio)
Le Centre National de la Danse – Pantin (creation in residency)
Collectif 12, Mantes la Jolie


DRAC Ile de France – residency support
Bozar – Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles
Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt, Germany
Transfabrik Fund, Franco-German fund for the performing arts
Project support Spedidam, Adami

© Photos Claudia Pajewski, C. Farina