Solo(s) : L’Infime


“This solo draws its necessity from the path I have followed since the very beginning of my career, oriented more towards the exploration of the intimate open to the universal dimension. How to anchor oneself in the most singular of beings in order to be infinitely open to the other, to the world?

Nacera Belaza

Artistic team

Choreography, sound and light design Nacera Belaza
Interpretation Nacera Belaza
Stage management Christophe Renaud, Gwendal Malard


Monuments en mouvement, La Villette, March 2018

L'infime - Nacera Belaza © Patrick Berger


Nacera Belaza Company


Monuments en Mouvement – Centre des monuments nationaux
Festival de Marseille
MuCEM, Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, with the support provided by the Ballet National de Marseille as part of the accueil studio
CREAT’YVE – Network of city theatres in Yvelines

Project support Spedidam

© Photo Patrick Berger